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What To Bring To A Mortgage Application

__ Photo ID and Social Security card
__ Provide a detailed work history for 24 months preceding mortgage application including start and end dates as well as any  gaps in employment.
__ One month consecutive pay stubs (most recent)
__ Two years W-2's and/or 1099's (most recent)
__ Most recent 2 years Federal tax returns with all schedules if self-employed or more than 25% income from bonus or overtime (a year to date profit & loss statement may be required if self-employed)
__ Most recent 2 years Federal tax returns with all schedules if owned rental property(s) and lease/rental agreements
__ Divorce/separation/child support papers and proof of receipt pf child support for 12 months, if disclosing as monthly income
__ Two months most recent bank statements or most recent quarterly statement including checking, savings, investment,  brokerage and retirement accounts (provide all pages, even if some pages seem irrelevant)
__ List of all creditors including name, account number, current balance and payment
__ Bankruptcy papers including petition, list of debtors and discharge of debtors
__ Copy of the executed purchase contract including all addenda
__ Copies of deed, real estate tax receipts and survey map if available
__ Attorney information and real estate agent information including names, telephone numbers and fax numbers
__ Copy of sales contract and listing agreement for sale of current residence or copy of HUD-1 if sale of property has already  closed
__ VA Certificate of Eligibility
__ A check for credit report and appraisal fee